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50 Classic books every homeschooler needs to read

Reading is an escape and a tool to learn about other words and use of language. Its a sense of freedom and way for families to bond. Reading can transform your thoughts and ignite your interests in a way nothing else can. The market is filled with so many amazingly valuable books but classics are […]

How Monthly Meetings Can Improve Your Homeschool

Meetings are a must in our homeschool and happen the last week day of every single month. These meetings help us improve and keep the flow of our lessons and expectations on point while allowing time for self reflection every time. In our home we believe in realistic teaching through finance and real world situations […]

Why I trick myself into exercising & how it works

Exercise sucks, at least when you call it exercise, but ask me to go for a bike ride or swimming and the answer is always yes! Why? Because play is fun and “exercise” is work. Fitness seems unreachable for some of us due to chronic illness/pain, heat/sweat intolerance, and maybe unrealistic goals may be holding […]

Top 20 YouTube Channels for Homeschool Learning

Something I shied away from in the beginning of our homeschool journey for my own lack of understanding is YouTube. Do not, I repeat, do not omit this from your homeschool curriculum because it will save you so much time and add hours of fun learning experiences. Not only does YouTube offer vastly educational content […]

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About me

As an adventure enthusiast and multiple trauma survivor, Ember fights to keep her active life even while living with multiple chronic conditions. Em has a background in finance, photography, content creation (graphic design & writing) and is currently learning video production and web design while she follows her passion for gaming.

Ember Lives will share outdoor & educational explorations, Useful tips for managing mental illness and chronic pain, gaming, and all the great ways life can still gives back.

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